Tips for hiring a skip in Ireland
Skip hire is an essential service when it’s time for a big clear out. It creates more room in your house and there’s a real sense of cleanliness with removing unnecessary waste. At Tagabin  skips we’re focused on providing our customers with the best tips and services to help them manage their waste. With that said there’s a set of principles to stick by of what not to do with a skip.
Don't put too much in your skip
Overfilling a skip with waste will lead to rubbish piling on top of each other and may cause accidents. You can tell if you’ve overfilled the skip if the waste has passed the raised edges known as the lip. It is illegal to overfill a skip and you could be liable to prosecution. The solution is to think carefully about the type of material going into the skip and renting an appropriate size.
Don't keep your skip where it can cause damage
Keeping your skip out of the road is essential to avoiding damage to cars and oncoming traffic. Also take into consideration low walls, gates and garden features. If anything needs clearing then make sure it’s done prior to the delivery. If there’s a lot of heavy items going in then consider the surface the skip is being placed on, as too much weight can lead to sinkage.
Only put in appropriate items
Only certain items should go into a skip. Avoid items containing hazardous materials like televisions, radios, asbestos, batteries and tyres. These items should be disposed of by a specialist. For a list of items that can be placed in your skip, read our FAQs.
Tagabin Skip Hire is committed to providing quality service and peace of mind to our customers. For more information on our skip hire services contact us on 1890 62 62 62

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